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Célestine Swirl Ring-NabivaCélestine Swirl Ring-Nabiva
Célestine Swirl Ring Sale price$77.00
Save $38.00Zoé Heart Ring-NabivaZoé Heart Ring-Nabiva
Zoé Heart Ring Sale price$51.00 Regular price$89.00
Elle Ring-NabivaElle Ring-Nabiva
Elle Ring Sale price$85.00
Sold OutClarté Inès Ring-NabivaClarté Inès Ring-Nabiva
Clarté Inès Ring Sale price$67.00
Gigi Love Ring-NabivaGigi Love Ring-Nabiva
Gigi Love Ring Sale price$89.00
Camille Spinner Ring-NabivaCamille Spinner Ring-Nabiva
Camille Spinner Ring Sale price$83.00
Anna Ring-NabivaAnna Ring-Nabiva
Anna Ring Sale price$71.00
Assia Ring-NabivaAssia Ring-Nabiva
Assia Ring Sale price$85.00
Luna Ring-NabivaLuna Ring-Nabiva
Luna Ring Sale price$100.00
Julia Ring-NabivaJulia Ring-Nabiva
Julia Ring Sale price$82.00
Circle of Clarity Ring-NabivaCircle of Clarity Ring-Nabiva
Circle of Clarity Ring Sale price$110.00
Sydney Ring-NabivaSydney Ring-Nabiva
Sydney Ring Sale price$76.00
Margo Ring-NabivaMargo Ring-Nabiva
Margo Ring Sale price$86.00
Ysabelle Spinner Ring-NabivaYsabelle Spinner Ring-Nabiva
Ysabelle Spinner Ring Sale price$83.00
Rosalie Spinner Ring-NabivaRosalie Spinner Ring-Nabiva
Rosalie Spinner Ring Sale price$83.00
Joséphine Ring-NabivaJoséphine Ring-Nabiva
Joséphine Ring Sale price$107.00
Vita Ring-NabivaVita Ring-Nabiva
Vita Ring Sale price$91.00
Mia Bow Ring-NabivaMia Bow Ring-Nabiva
Mia Bow Ring Sale price$83.00
Lucie Ring-NabivaLucie Ring-Nabiva
Lucie Ring Sale price$82.00
Save $36.00Capucine Ring-NabivaCapucine Ring-Nabiva
Capucine Ring Sale price$71.00 Regular price$107.00
Margaux Ring-NabivaMargaux Ring-Nabiva
Margaux Ring Sale price$76.00
Coeur de Lumière Ring-NabivaCoeur de Lumière Ring-Nabiva
Coeur de Lumière Ring Sale price$78.00
Goutte de Daphné Ring-NabivaGoutte de Daphné Ring-Nabiva
Goutte de Daphné Ring Sale price$76.00
Cami Blush Ring-NabivaCami Blush Ring-Nabiva
Cami Blush Ring Sale price$126.00
Blossom Spinner Ring-NabivaBlossom Spinner Ring-Nabiva
Blossom Spinner Ring Sale price$80.00
Chantal Spinner Ring-NabivaChantal Spinner Ring-Nabiva
Chantal Spinner Ring Sale price$86.00
Aureate Spinner Ring-NabivaAureate Spinner Ring-Nabiva
Aureate Spinner Ring Sale price$87.00
Zoelie Spinner Ring-NabivaZoelie Spinner Ring-Nabiva
Zoelie Spinner Ring Sale price$86.00
Golden Katell Ring-NabivaGolden Katell Ring-Nabiva
Golden Katell Ring Sale price$72.00
Irène Sunlit Ring-NabivaIrène Sunlit Ring-Nabiva
Irène Sunlit Ring Sale price$76.00
Fleur Spinner Ring-NabivaFleur Spinner Ring-Nabiva
Fleur Spinner Ring Sale price$86.00
Noémie Ring-NabivaNoémie Ring-Nabiva
Noémie Ring Sale price$85.00
Penelope Ring-NabivaPenelope Ring-Nabiva
Penelope Ring Sale price$75.00
Michelle Ring-NabivaMichelle Ring-Nabiva
Michelle Ring Sale price$90.00
Maisie Ring-NabivaMaisie Ring-Nabiva
Maisie Ring Sale price$87.00
Save $25.00Lana Pearl Ring-NabivaLana Pearl Ring-Nabiva
Lana Pearl Ring Sale price$71.00 Regular price$96.00
Jeanne Ring-NabivaJeanne Ring-Nabiva
Jeanne Ring Sale price$128.00
Édith Ring-NabivaÉdith Ring-Nabiva
Édith Ring Sale price$119.00
Belle Eternal Band-NabivaBelle Eternal Band-Nabiva
Belle Eternal Ring Sale price$121.00