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Lyna Heart Necklace-NabivaLyna Heart Necklace-Nabiva
Cœur de Lyna Necklace Sale price€51,95
Manon Necklace-NabivaManon Necklace-Nabiva
Manon Necklace Sale price€55,95
Venus Heart Necklace-NabivaVenus Heart Necklace-Nabiva
Venus Heart Necklace Sale price€59,95
Heidi Cross Necklace-NabivaHeidi Cross Necklace-Nabiva
Heidi Cross Necklace Sale price€60,95
Marie Flora Necklace-NabivaMarie Flora Necklace-Nabiva
Marie Flora Necklace Sale price€49,95
Faye Cross Necklace-NabivaFaye Cross Necklace-Nabiva
Faye Cross Necklace Sale price€57,95
Évelyne Tennis Necklace-NabivaÉvelyne Tennis Necklace-Nabiva
Évelyne Tennis Necklace Sale priceFrom €88,95
Livia Heart Necklace-NabivaLivia Heart Necklace-Nabiva
Livia Heart Necklace Sale price€55,95
Sold OutTrèfle Nadine Necklace-Nabiva
Trèfle Nadine Necklace Sale price€67,95
Odette Necklace-NabivaOdette Necklace-Nabiva
Odette Necklace Sale price€48,95
Nia Necklace-NabivaNia Necklace-Nabiva
Nia Necklace Sale price€50,95
Giselle Necklace-NabivaGiselle Necklace-Nabiva
Giselle Necklace Sale price€54,95
Flex Necklace-NabivaFlex Necklace-Nabiva
Flex Necklace Sale price€50,95
Estelle Necklace-NabivaEstelle Necklace-Nabiva
Estelle Necklace Sale price€48,95
Mimi Necklace-NabivaMimi Necklace-Nabiva
Mimi Necklace Sale price€55,95
Natalie Necklace-NabivaNatalie Necklace-Nabiva
Natalie Necklace Sale price€57,95
Amelia Necklace-NabivaAmelia Necklace-Nabiva
Amelia Necklace Sale price€55,95
Laurence Necklace-NabivaLaurence Necklace-Nabiva
Laurence Necklace Sale price€66,95
Ophélie Necklace-NabivaOphélie Necklace-Nabiva
Ophélie Necklace Sale price€59,95
Élégance Solange Chain-NabivaÉlégance Solange Chain-Nabiva
Élégance Solange Chain Sale price€48,95
Solene Necklace-NabivaSolene Necklace-Nabiva
Solene Necklace Sale price€49,95
Tia Heart Necklace-NabivaTia Heart Necklace-Nabiva
Tia Heart Necklace Sale price€53,95
Brielle Pearl Necklace-NabivaBrielle Pearl Necklace-Nabiva
Brielle Pearl Necklace Sale price€58,95
Lucille Necklace-NabivaLucille Necklace-Nabiva
Lucille Necklace Sale price€84,95
Breathe Necklacce-NabivaBreathe Necklacce-Nabiva
Breathe Necklace Sale price€71,95
Maya Necklace-NabivaMaya Necklace-Nabiva
Maya Necklace Sale price€68,95
Honorine Pearl Necklace-NabivaHonorine Pearl Necklace-Nabiva
Honorine Pearl Necklace Sale price€54,95
Ambre Necklace-NabivaAmbre Necklace-Nabiva
Ambre Necklace Sale price€65,95