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Amandine Tennis Bracelet-NabivaAmandine Tennis Bracelet-Nabiva
Amandine Tennis Bracelet Sale priceFrom £49.00
Lyna Heart Necklace-NabivaLyna Heart Necklace-Nabiva
Cœur de Lyna Necklace Sale price£43.00
Célestine Swirl Ring-NabivaCélestine Swirl Ring-Nabiva
Célestine Swirl Ring Sale price£39.00
Gina Bracelet-NabivaGina Bracelet-Nabiva
Gina Bracelet Sale price£41.00
Sold OutFrancine Butterfly Bracelet-NabivaFrancine Butterfly Bracelet-Nabiva
Francine Butterfly Bracelet Sale price£43.00
Save £20.00Zoé Heart Ring-NabivaZoé Heart Ring-Nabiva
Zoé Heart Ring Sale price£26.00 Regular price£46.00
Simone Earrings-NabivaSimone Earrings-Nabiva
Simone Earrings Sale price£35.00
Manon Necklace-NabivaManon Necklace-Nabiva
Manon Necklace Sale price£46.00
Venus Heart Necklace-NabivaVenus Heart Necklace-Nabiva
Venus Heart Necklace Sale price£50.00
Heidi Cross Necklace-NabivaHeidi Cross Necklace-Nabiva
Heidi Cross Necklace Sale price£50.00
Elle Ring-NabivaElle Ring-Nabiva
Elle Ring Sale price£43.00
Save £29.00Alma Earrings-NabivaAlma Earrings-Nabiva
Alma Earrings Sale priceFrom £35.00 Regular price£64.00
Marie Flora Necklace-NabivaMarie Flora Necklace-Nabiva
Marie Flora Necklace Sale price£41.00
Assia Ring-NabivaAssia Ring-Nabiva
Assia Ring Sale price£43.00
Luna Ring-NabivaLuna Ring-Nabiva
Luna Ring Sale price£52.00
Lina Butterfly Earrings-NabivaLina Butterfly Earrings-Nabiva
Lina Butterfly Earrings Sale price£38.00
Léonore Earrings-NabivaLéonore Earrings-Nabiva
Léonore Earrings Sale price£38.00
Livia Heart Necklace-NabivaLivia Heart Necklace-Nabiva
Livia Heart Necklace Sale price£46.00
Faye Cross Necklace-NabivaFaye Cross Necklace-Nabiva
Faye Cross Necklace Sale price£48.00
Gigi Love Ring-NabivaGigi Love Ring-Nabiva
Gigi Love Ring Sale price£46.00
Élise Drop Earrings-NabivaÉlise Drop Earrings-Nabiva
Élise Drop Earrings Sale price£45.00
Julia Ring-NabivaJulia Ring-Nabiva
Julia Ring Sale price£42.00
Anna Ring-NabivaAnna Ring-Nabiva
Anna Ring Sale price£37.00
Circle of Clarity Ring-NabivaCircle of Clarity Ring-Nabiva
Circle of Clarity Ring Sale price£57.00
Évelyne Tennis Necklace-NabivaÉvelyne Tennis Necklace-Nabiva
Évelyne Tennis Necklace Sale priceFrom £73.00
Nora Pearl Earrings-NabivaNora Pearl Earrings-Nabiva
Nora Pearl Earrings Sale price£54.00
Sydney Ring-NabivaSydney Ring-Nabiva
Sydney Ring Sale price£39.00
Renée Bracelet-NabivaRenée Bracelet-Nabiva
Renée Bracelet Sale price£41.00
Nicolette Earrings-NabivaNicolette Earrings-Nabiva
Nicolette Earrings Sale price£39.00
Nia Necklace-NabivaNia Necklace-Nabiva
Nia Necklace Sale price£42.00
Odette Necklace-NabivaOdette Necklace-Nabiva
Odette Necklace Sale price£40.00
Margo Ring-NabivaMargo Ring-Nabiva
Margo Ring Sale price£44.00
Mia Bow Ring-NabivaMia Bow Ring-Nabiva
Mia Bow Ring Sale price£43.00
Lucie Ring-NabivaLucie Ring-Nabiva
Lucie Ring Sale price£42.00
Sidonie Butterfly Earrings-NabivaSidonie Butterfly Earrings-Nabiva
Sidonie Butterfly Earrings Sale price£39.00
Save £18.00Capucine Ring-NabivaCapucine Ring-Nabiva
Capucine Ring Sale price£37.00 Regular price£55.00
Isla Earrings-NabivaIsla Earrings-Nabiva
Isla Earrings Sale price£52.00
Flex Necklace-NabivaFlex Necklace-Nabiva
Flex Necklace Sale price£42.00
Estelle Necklace-NabivaEstelle Necklace-Nabiva
Estelle Necklace Sale price£41.00
Giselle Necklace-NabivaGiselle Necklace-Nabiva
Giselle Necklace Sale price£45.00
Elsie Hoop Earrings-NabivaElsie Hoop Earrings-Nabiva
Elsie Hoop Earrings Sale price£45.00
Joséphine Ring-NabivaJoséphine Ring-Nabiva
Joséphine Ring Sale price£55.00
Céline Drop Earrings-NabivaCéline Drop Earrings-Nabiva
Céline Drop Earrings Sale price£63.00
Amelia Necklace-NabivaAmelia Necklace-Nabiva
Amelia Necklace Sale price£46.00
Vita Ring-NabivaVita Ring-Nabiva
Vita Ring Sale price£47.00
Mimi Necklace-NabivaMimi Necklace-Nabiva
Mimi Necklace Sale price£46.00
Natalie Necklace-NabivaNatalie Necklace-Nabiva
Natalie Necklace Sale price£47.00
Vivienne Earrings-NabivaVivienne Earrings-Nabiva
Vivienne Earrings Sale price£35.00